Molly Ackerman - New York / Amsterdam

photo credit Fred Rohde @2002

Molly Ackerman was a participating artist in Audart's "The Urban Frontier" exhibition.

She is an advocate of the collaborative process, traveling to countries all over the world to work with international artists from various disciplines. Ackerman's goal, as an artist, is to encourage the joy of creating in all kinds of people. Her paintings are a microcosm of the multi-faceted and interesting life she enjoys.   In her paintings, emotions are expressed through color; beauty is revealed through texture. She fully acknowledges, in her work and in her life, that tragedy is a part of beauty and should be interpreted as a gift, one that demands strength to overcome. Ackerman stretches herself and her boundaries, giving credence to the love and support of the people around her who enable her to keep reaching out and moving forward. She has traveled to London, Thailand, Morocco and Hungary to work with interdisciplinary artists in productions called "Moment of Creation", doing performance painting live before audiences.

Molly is also a writer and authored columns in the Leiden newspaper during the war in Iraq. She runs the Leiden Gallery in Amsterdam with her husband, the photographer Fred Rohde. Her work has been shown in more than thirty solo exhibitions as well as numerous group exhibitions. She has earned awards, commissions, scholarships, apprenticeships, grants and artist-in-residence.

Molly Ackerman's website

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