Diane Adzema - New York, NY

Mixed Media Construction by Diane Adzema

Diane Adzema is a multimedia artist and designer. Her sculpture and mixed media constructions were exhibited in Audart's "Shrines to Fantasy" exhibition in the Fall of 1996. The most prominent of her contributions to the show was a room-sized installation which documented the destruction of a Catholic Chapel in New York's Little Italy. Using saved artifacts and statuary from the church, many of them incorporated into her own 3D collages, Adzema made a strong statement against the demolition of a religious space for commercial profit. The exhibit offered printed information about the history of the destroyed church. Adzema's candlelit installation included black and white photographs, by Ed Grazda. Grazda's photos documented the demolition from the interior of the chapel and included a dramatic shot of the darkened chapel with its windows gone.  

Diane Adzema is a New York city based artist, who studied design at Carnegie Mellon and communications at Pratt Institute.  AS a graphic designer, she specializes in promotional materials and publications. She has created promotional graphics for Channel 13's "Reel NY".

An exhibition of Adzema's work was also on view at the Enderlin Gallery in Roxbury, New York.

Diane Adzema Website

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