Alex Arcadia - New York, NY

Installation by Alex Arcadia

image is copyrighted@Alex Arcadia

An entire room was curated with paintings by Alex Arcadia for Audart's "Shrines to Fantasy" exhibition. Portraits of pop icons, including Andy Warhol, Mickey Mouse and Arcadia's favorite "Monique" were included. Arcadia created Monique, the busty, female torso that he reveres, to the extent that she has become a mythological figure in his self-created fantasy world, appearing in many of his paintings and mixed media pieces.

Arcadia's work was very well-received by visitors to Audart, particularly by young Wall Street traders and executives, who spent a great deal of time in the Alex Arcadia Room at Audart.

Alex Arcadia's work has been exhibited in a number of unique shows, including "After The Diagram" at White Box Gallery, 525 West 26th Street, New York City; and "A Room With A View" at Sixth@Prince Fine Art, 202 6th Avenue, New York City.

Alex Arcadia Website (Bright Shiny Future)

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