Jacqui Taylor Basker - New York

"Artist's Wheel of Misfortune"
Mixed Media (Bicycle Wheel, Car Tail Lights,
Collaged Paper, Acrylic on Canvas, Plexiglass)
by Jacqui Taylor Basker

Jacqui Taylor Basker is a multimedia artist, art historian, curator, critic, teacher and medical art therapist. She served as Director of Westbeth Gallery, for many years.  She was a devoted supporter of Audart and its projects and also exhibited her paintings in Audart's "TNT" exhibition and her sculpture in "Salute To Broad Street".  In the Spring of 1997, Jacqui curated "Important Women Photographers" at the Audart Gallery, a show sponsored by The National Organization For Women.

Jacqui was born in New York but spent much of her childhood in Puerto Rico and the Andes Mountains of Peru.  Later, she lived in the mountains of Vermont and Oregon and also in the sub-Saharan desert in Nigeria, as a member of the Peace Corps.  Her work is influenced by the natural elements of these locations.  

The list of degrees, fellowships and awards that appear in Jacqui Taylor Basker's biography is extensive and impressive.  She holds a Masters degree in cultural and intellectual history and is completing her doctorate in art history, religion and studio art at New York University. Jacqui has studied at Harvard and Columbia Universities, the Art Students League and the National Academy of Design.  

Combining her interest in medicine and art, she has developed a unique practice in medical art therapy which combines hypnosis and art as an instrument of healing. She teaches art history at the School of Visual Arts and writes for various journals.

Jacqui's work has been exhibited extensively in the United States, Europe, Japan and Nigeria.

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