Claudine Burns - Smith

by Claudine Burns-Smith

Claudine Burns-Smith is a sculptor who works with clay and cement. A number of her pieces were on view at Audart in the Spring of 1997, as part of the "Art In The Raw" exhibition organized by the Chris Butler Group in Branford, Connecticut. One of Claudine's pieces stood almost six feet tall--comprised of three stacked, terra cotta sections, the top one supporting a sculpted head with a mystical face.

Claudine's art is influenced by her ongoing interest in mythology and ancient cultures. She has traveled through the south of England absorbing Celtic legends and, while living in Colorado, she studied the folklore of the Southwestern tribes. In Mexico, she became a weaver, basketmaker and potter as a way to better understand Mexican culture. She has also been influenced by Joseph Campbell, attending his lectures on world mythology at Colorado College.

Claudine's recent and ongoing body of work, which focuses on outdoor installation pieces, includes carved heads and faces, totems, and birdbaths with cast faces.

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