Tracey Asai (nee Carpino) - New York

Tracey Asai was one of the New York designers who participated in Audart's "TNT" exhibition.   She designed two Spring coats, with matching umbrellas,  including the "corporate" raincoat with pinstripes and button-down collar, which was a huge hit with the Wall Street crowd that frequented the Audart Gallery.

Tracey has gone on to achieve great success in the area of shoe design and a visit to her website will explain her very interesting journey over the past few years and show you her line of footwear designed especially for brides, ie:  gorgeous moire taffeta flip-flops.

What bride wouldn't want a pair of these? 

Tracey also designs flip-flops for black-tie occasions and she will even custom hand-paint a pair of shoes for you.

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