Chris London

Chris London was an exhibiting artist in "Art In The Raw" at Audart, in the Spring of 1997. The show was organized and curated by Chris Butler of the Chris Butler Group Gallery in Branford, Connecticut.

Chris London sculpts faces onto antique rakes, hand builds slabs into masks and platters, or pinches clay into bowls. The symbols and iconography are inspired by the natural world and allude to other cultures while becoming a language of symbols that are all her own. The work seems to dance between humor and a more serious content while it holds a gentle sense of familiarity for each of the viewers.

Chris London is a potter, sculptor, and business woman. She believes her strength is her versatility. Her success as an artist and her ability to support herself on the sale of her work confirms her strength. When very young, she put her hands on some clay and made a connection to it - a connection that changed her future.

Chris London has exhibited work in numerous galleries in New England as well as other parts of the U.S. She resides and works in her studio in Hartford, Connecticut.

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