Marque Cornblatt - San Francisco

Grace - Sculpture by Marque Cornblatt

A number of Marque Cornblatt's sculptural works were exhibited in Audart's "Art & Technology Circus" in the Fall of 1997. Marque's work drew a great deal of attention at Audart, particulary the pieces with running video.

Marque Cornblatt was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1966 and now lives in San Francisco. He has a diploma in theater technology from the Baltimore School of the Arts and a B.F.A. in film and video production from New York University.

Cornblatt's robots, mechanical and video scuptures have been exhibited at the SF MoMA, San Jose Museum of Art, Downey Museum of Art, and at galleries throughout California and New York. His work been featured in several movies, including "So I married an Axe Muderer" and "Made in America".

Marque also has made a reputation as a filmmaker and director of music video and shorts. He currently is developing a feature film, "15 Minutes" an autobiographical documentary about artists robbing the SFMoMA to gain exposure for their artwork.

Most recently, Cornblatt has been gaining popularity as WaterBoy, the scuba-diving demi-god of the annual Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

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