Janet Cristenfeld - New York, NY

 Blue Love by artist, Janet Cristenfeld
Blue Love
by Janet Cristenfeld
Oil on Linen

A master of technique, Janet Cristenfeld applies paint flawlessly as though it were skin and blends it meticulously, creating the illusion of inner light. Her figurative drawing is powerful but restrained. The simple curve of an eyelid, sweep of a hand or circular path of an embrace captures the emotion she is trying to convey. Janet circumscribes her figures with a flat black line, drawing the viewer back to the center of the work -- to the source of the emotion.

Janet Cristenfeld exhibited her work at the Audart Gallery in the Spring of 1996, during the second half of "TNT".   "Blue Love", pictured above, drew a great deal of attention during its time in the Audart Gallery - very few people were able to view this painting without being touched by it, in some way.

Janet's work has been exhibited in numerous New York galleries.  She lives and works in New York City and is also a Reiki Master.

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