Chandler Davis - New York / Connecticut

Larger-than-life Seashells
fiberglass and paint
Chandler Davis

As a sculptor, Chandler Davis has made a variety of larger-than-life shells, a number of which were exhibited in Audart's "Shrines to Fantasy" exhibition, as well as Audart's curation of the Sandbox at New York's Information Technology Center in New York city.

From the primordial origins of the shell, to the high-tech present, the process of making seashells has taken Davis on a journey through time and space.
Chandler Davis is an award winning sculptor.  He started his career as an artist in residence in Norwalk, CT and has exhibited at several venues in the metropolitan area, including the Silvermine Guild, the Washington Square Windows Gallery in Manhattan and Art-X Gallery in Stamford. In addition to creating submarine sculptures he has been working on a film, The Shell Maker, a docudrama of the shell's journey through contemporary society.

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