Mark DeGarmo - New York, NY


Mark DeGarmo
Choreographer, Dancer,
Arts Educator, Artistic Director

Mark DeGarmo participated in Audart's "Art & Technology Circus", at the invitation of John Toth, creator of "In a Circle". Mark's performance in his original skit "Don't Be A Clown" was charming and hilarious and a hit with the opening night audience at Audart.

Mark DeGarmo has a solid background in dance, having trained with professional dance companies for five years before enrolling in Juilliard. In 1982 he founded "Mark DeGarmo & Dancers", which has performed over seventy modern dance works in eleven countries on twenty-three international tours. In 1987, Mark founded "Dynamic Forms, Inc.", a nonprofit organization involved with intercultural communications and dance instruction partnerships, primarily with public schools in New York city and surrounding areas.

Mark has received numerous grants from the National Endowment For The Arts, and others, and he received a Fulbright Senior Scholar Fellowship to work in Peru in 1998-99. In 2000, he received an award from the US State Department's American Cultural Specialist Program to choreograph for Ecuador's national company. Mark is fluent in Spanish and has done extensive dancing, choreography and community work in Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Mark Degarmo and Dancers have performed at many venues in New York city including the Tribeca Performing Arts Theater.

Mark Degarmo Website (Mark Degarmo Arts)

“My work is increasingly linked to world issues more than the aesthetic issues of dance. It’s not just about the elements of dance or the abstractions of dance, it’s about looking at the world and allowing that to be refracted through the dance.” Mark DeGarmo

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