Audart Curation:

 The Global Sandbox
@ the New York Information
Technology Center

55 Broad Street, New York City

Janet Cristenfeld
Jon Singer
David McGlynn
Chandler Davis

Barbara McGivern
Ian Lawrence

"Audart happened when only good things could be imagined for Downtown Manhattan. That particular neighbourhood was on the cusp of a transformation that had everyone buzzing.  It was old, traditional Wall Street being spruced up for the emerging internet revolution. This burgeoning atmosphere could be felt, even in the still of the night, when the Wall Street district was dark and hushed after seven p.m.  It was the most happening place to be in the mid to late 1990's. More than any other New York neighborhood at the time, it was ripe with expectation and the glimmerings of new dreams.  It was the new world home of dot com. And yet, without the one Wall Street deli that stayed open all night, it is likely that the folks who worked around the clock in the 14 room bank known as The Audart Gallery, would have starved. You can't, within any urban landscape, be truer pioneers than that."

Steven Wilcox, Toronto Art Critic