Alexander Gofayzen - New York

Alexander Gofayzen had his first public exhibition at the Audart Gallery. His triptych of a nude, reclining in a chair, was shown in the "Salute to Broad Street" exhibition in July of 1996. In September of 1996, Audart's Creative Director invited Gofayzen to participate in "Shrines to Fantasy", an exhibition that defied the once corporate occupation of the gallery space by paying homage to fantasy and make-believe.

Gofayzen lined the walls in a black gallery with photographs, many portraying women in statuesque poses, their images camouflaged into medieval stone structures and onto railway tracks. One of Gofayzen's women is seated, her entire body comprised of tree bark--she is the tree. The most prominent wall featured a faux window, with rear illumination, controlled by the addition of multiple layers of black diaphanous fabric, so weightless that any movement in the room created a haunting, billowing effect.

Gofayzen's work was well received at Audart. He continues his important work in black and white photography.

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