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Thanks so much to all of you for sending email messages about Graham.  Many of you have known her
since school days and your memories of her are precious.   When I created the original webpage about Graham
on this website, I had to do my own google search as I had lost touch with her over the years - so I, too, was
heartbroken to find out she and Steph had been in that terrible car accident.    I have not been able to
respond to each and every email received so please accept this as my personal thanks.    Audrey Regan

Graham Scarborough Davidson (1967 - 2003)

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Dear Audrey:
I had NO idea that Graham had passed away ~ I went to high school with her in Abilene, Texas.  Although, she was a SR. when I was a freshman, she made an impression on me ~ she was the head captain for the COOPER Cougar's PRIDE PEP TEAM.  What I remember most about her was her fashion. I remember she was voted (I think) best dressed ~ and I remember the outfit ~ long skirt, high collared white blouse, blazer and "granny lace up boots"  I wanted that outfit so badly!  (:  I have the yearbook ~ and will have to look up the title she was voted for.

I only came across this information last night ~ I had always wondered where Graham had ended up.  Coincidentally, I was talking to another friend of mine who also lived in Abilene, but went to different schools, and told her about Graham ~ she had no idea. Graham's father and her father were both attorney's and knew one another.  She was saddened to say the least.  I remember her for her kindness.  No one ever forgets kindness.
Amy Shi

Audrey, we met Graham at a craft fair in Marlborough, MA in 2002 or '03
and got a huge kick out of both her and her  work, buying two collages on sight. How terribly sad to have lost her, her baby and husband...We think of her often and will miss her vibrant wit and talent...If ever you want me to write about the two pieces we own of hers as part of a memorial or homage, do let me know...
Peter (and) Tina Golden

I continue to search for some of Graham's artwork.  I was one of Graham best friends in high school and college.  I was blessed to have her as maid of honor in my wedding.  I still miss her dearly.  The kind words that people write about her warm me and make me miss her all the more.  We are planinng our high school reunion and I know that she will be dearly missed and it will not be the same without her and Steph. 

I remember when she called me to tell me that she was pregnant - I was so surprised and happy for them both.  What great parents they would be.  I regret that I didn't tell her at the time that I was also pregnant, but we were not telling anyone yet because of a previous loss.  We would have delivered our babies right around the same time.  My daughter's name is Olivia Graham in honor of Graham.  I show Olivia all of the wonderful art we have in the house - from the children's story line to the coffee slut to the Judica work that Graham had done.  Olivia, too, has a quirky fun attitude and outlook. I think Graham is a part of her.

Do you know if any of Graham or Steph's work is available?   I would love to continue my collection. Thank you for remembering her and helping all of us keep her close.

Ms Regan,
I am writing to thank you for the memorial you posted to Graham Scarborough Davidson.  I had met Graham at a craft show in the Hudson Valley, NY about 5 years ago. All these years I kept her card.  I searched her name on the internet yesterday to see if she were still creating the beautiful collages as I had planned to order one as a gift for a friend.  I was so saddened to learn that she and her husband had died in 2003.  Your words about her created a picure of her in my mind again.   

Dear Ms. Regan,
My heart is broken since reading the page you created for Graham.  I did an online search for her and was not expecting such tragic news.   She is still with Steph and their unborn child -  they all went together.  That is the only comfort I can derive from this incredibly sad news.  
Martina Newson
Dear Audrey,

Today I was talking with a client on the phone, and she mentioned looking for an illustrator to make some colorful illustrations for her, and I thought of Graham Davidson.  I met Graham at an art show and loved her and her work.  I bought "Love and Wine".  I was heartbroken to see the message on her website and even more crushed to see on yours that she was also pregnant.  What a tragic loss to the art community.  Graham's works were so unique and so fantastic.  I didn't know where else to express my sorrow, so I am expressing it to you.  What a senseless tragedy.

Elsie Gilmore
Dear Audrey,
What a sad day this is for me and my daughter.  We met Graham at an arts and crafts fair in Vermont and enjoyed her so much and we almost bought one of her collages; and how sorry we are that we did not.  I read your tribute to her and the tears have not stopped since.  She was too young too leave us and I am so sad that her husband died also. What a terrible tragedy.  Thank you, however, for keeping us informed.  
Mary-Lynn Ciotca

Dear Audrey and Audart,
Finding your site and  your page about Graham answered my questions about what happened to this lovely artist.  This is so sad.  Thank you for your tribute to her.  
Malcom Rascher  
Dear Audrey
It is hard for me to believe Graham Scarborough is gone.  I always looked forward to meeting her again.  I bought one of her works and believe me, I will treasure it for the rest of my life.  We spent well over an hour chatting with Graham the day we met her and bought the collage and we walked away SO impressed - she was a fabulous young woman.  
Denise and Kevin Albright

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