Ritz Hioki - New York, NY

Digital Photograph by Ritz Hioki

Ritz Hioki's digital photographs were exhibited in Audart's "Salute to Broad Street" Exhibition in the Summer of 1996, as well as in the "Shrines To Fantasy" exhibition in the Fall of 1996.

Ritz is an intermedia artist and among the early digital animation creators. Audart was privileged to have his animation work running on screens throughout the gallery at a time when this medium was relatively new.

Ritz Hioki has published a book, in collaboration with Yayoi Takayanagi, Jun Choi and Wachareal. Titled "Cool Page Design Remix". It is a renewal version of "Web Designers Cool Page Design & Bonus CD 200" which he published in 2001. "Cool Page Design Remix" is a two part volume with part one specializing in Macromedia Studio MX Quick Master and part two focusing on cutting-edge designers who live and work in New York and in Tokyo.

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