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Neal Korn exhibited his work in Audart's "Shrines to Fantasy" show. Korn records, with his paintbrush, the split-second, random motions of his subjects-- the raising of an arm or a shifting in posture are portrayed at every stage through completion. His paintings, therefore, possess a kinetic energy reminiscent of multiple exposure photographs. There is a strong emotional element to Korn's portraits as he captures not only the actions but the reactions and interactions that take place between people, in the everyday moments of their lives.

"In a recent development of his art, Korn has been painting clothing, shoes and other personal items with the bodies or body parts concealed by these worn items, almost as an x-ray view. The hidden physiques revealed in these pieces prove to be as sure an indicator of the identity or personality as a formal portrait with a good deal of gentle humor. His work for this exhibit is a series of very small color photographs of friends, relatives and neighbors wearing eyeglasses upon which Korn has painted highly expressive and realistic eyes from magazine photos. His subjects upon donning these ‘Art-Specs’ take on, it seems, another person, frequently humorous much as one’s character is altered when wearing a party mask". The Arts Guild of Rahway

Neal Korn's work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in the United States.

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