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Ragnar Lagerblad

Ragnar Lagerblad's pyramid appeared in Audart's "Art & Technology Circus" exhibition.

"A gold gilded, multi-tiered pyramid by Brazilian painter and electronic media artist, Ragnar Lagerblad, in collaboration with scientific "collector" Scott Graeber, sits beneath a canopy of red silk. On the top tier of this monument sits a small "cyber" tomb containing a human baby "cyclops". The baby was born in 1941.

The cyclops in the human species is very rare and much has been written about this specific mutation over the centuries, as it appears in spiritual works, art, mythology, history and science.

The layered pyramid is dressed with hundreds of found and salvaged objects of a most unusual nature--the heads of ducks; various crustaceans and fishes, all dried and varnished. Magnificent yet alarming, this installation has had to be roped off to keep the crowds away on the evening of the premiere (October 16, 1997)."

~copied from a press release about "The Art & Technology Circus" at Audart~

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