Henry Loomis

Kids Playing
Acrylic on Canvas

Loomis has long been an activist for creativity as a member and Treasurer of the New Haven Paint & Clay Club, and has won awards for his painting over the years. But for a number of years his career languished with little outside recognition of his ideas, while his creative explorations continued to build the body of his work. During that time his talent was recognized by writer/artist and critic Cliff Mornay, then by New York art dealer Margaret Bodell, formerly co-director of Art In Heaven Gallery in New Haven. In 1991, Bodell included him in an important group show at the East Hartford Mental Health Center, where recognition began to take its course.  Thirdly, beginning in 1995, Loomis’ work was included in the Chris Butler Group in  Branford. From these venues, Loomis’ paintings have now found their way into national and international collections. The awareness of subtle, powerful, and potential  energies continues to reveal ever newer visions which emerge from the depths into  light, and resolve into positive thought forms.


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