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Christopher Makos - New York


 by Christopher Makos
All rights reserved @ Christopher Makos - NYC

Christopher Makos was as close to the late Andy Warhol as anyone. There are those who claim that he basks in the reflected glory of Warhol, yet there is no denying that Makos is one of the best photographic artists working today.

Makos dove headlong into the digital realm, gaining a quick mastery of the digital camera and photography software. He claims the digital camera is his paintbrush; that he uses it as one.  A recent exhibition of Makos' work, "Seeing Double", took place at Ralph Pucci International in New York city.  

To view Makos' portfolio of images and to learn more about his work, visit his interesting and interactive website, and also the website of The Hilton Brothers.

Christopher Makos exhibited his work in "Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory" at Audart, in February of 1997.

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