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 Gerard Malanga - New York

"Archiving Warhol: An Illustrated History"
by Gerard Malanga


Gerard Malanga and Andy Warhol worked side by side on projects that included the prolific production of silkscreen paintings (from 1963 through 1967). Though hired by Warhol to assist with the silkscreening, Malanga immediately became an important member of the Factory crowd.

The "Screen Tests" project, another Warhol experiment, resulted in almost five hundred screen tests of the famous and infamous, including Salvador Dali, Bob Dylan, Edie Sedgwick and Lou Reed. The requirement of the screen test subjects was to sit before the camera for three uninterrupted minutes. Malanga's involvement with shooting the screen tests strengthened his interest in photography. By 1969, he had begun carrying a small Nikon camera everywhere he went.

Warhol's "Exploding Plastic Inevitable" project, a fully realized multimedia experience that first appeared at the Dom in New York in 1966, included live performance by Malanga (dancing in leather pants and carrying a whip), while the Velvet Underground (with Nico) played in front of projections of Andy Warhol's films, several of which starred Malanga

Malanga also produced three beautiful films: "In Search of the Miraculous" (1967), "Preraphaelite Dream" (1968), and "The Recording Zone Operator" (1968); the latter being filmed in Rome, Italy in the winter of 1968. The Washington Post praised "In Search of the Miraculous" as a film without dialogue or narration, of a nostalgic atmosphere, of an emotional entanglement through the purest of imagery and a poetic use of colour and music remarkably well chosen.

Gerard Malanga was also founding editor, with Andy Warhol, of Interview magazine in 1969.

During his years with Andy Warhol, Gerard Malanga continued what had been his previous passion and what he has, in fact, never stopped doing - writing, particularly poetry, which he considers his secret language. Several of his books of poetry have been published, including "No Respect: New and Selected Poems, 1964-2000". Malanga's recently published, "Archiving Warhol: An Illustrated History", is a collection of his varied writings about, and interviews with, Andy Warhol over the years. A number of the photographs taken by Malanga during the Factory years are published for the first time in this important archive (pictured above). In April of 2003, The Museum of Modern Art presented a three-program retrospective of Wheeler Winston Dixon's films. Dixon's "Quick Constant and Solid Instant (1969)", a Fluxus performance, is set to a Gerard Malanga poetry reading.

Gerard Malanga's photographs were exhibited at "Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory" which took place at Audart in February of 1997.

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