Maximino and Promolines - New York, NY

New York fashion designer, Maximino, introduced a line of colourful, ladies' raincoats at Audart's "TNT exhibition, in the Spring of 1996. The short, flirty, and beautifully constructed coats were available in an array of unique colours, like taxi yellow, bubblegum pink and various metallic textures.

Maximino (Max Vasquez), heads up Promolines, Inc., a New York based fashion design house and manufacturer, which provides fashion collateral for displays (banners and tablecloths), uniforms (jackets and aprons), and premium products (cosmetic cases and totes). The parent company, MAXWORLD, INC., was formed to leverage the talents and experience of Max Vasquez in related fashion markets. Max's attributes include, Product Development, Brand Development, Logo Development, Web Development, Patents and Trade Marks. At the present time, MAXWORLD, INC. has three product lines in development (Bagology, Yogabag, and Lovesport) and several others pending development.

To view the new urban, active bags designed by Max Vasquez, under the label MAXBAG.COM, visit the official Promolines, Inc. website and check out the movie.

For additional information:

213 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011
tel: 212.242.7588

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