Barbara Nessim - New York

 Title: BT/WL #24, 2003
Medium: digital painting on canvas
Edition of 1, Signed
Size: 3' x 4'

Barbara Nessim is a computer pilgrim who was blazing trails into digital art when most of us didn't know what a computer looked like.  Her odyssey began in the implausible year of 1980 and has continued to the present day with few, if any stops, along the way.

"Black Truths / White Lies", her recent exhibition at *bitforms gallery* was curated by Steve Sacks, owner and director of  *bitforms gallery*.  Nessim is now represented by Jill Brienza, Artist Representative.  From 1989 to 2001 she was represented by The Williams Gallery (Mary Lou Bock - Director/Owner), in Princeton, New Jersey.
She is currently working on large-scale digital paintings, commissioned by Architects, for building lobbies. Her first commission, completed in 2004, can be viewed at 600 Washington Street (between Leroy and Morton Streets) in the West Village, in New York City.  It is also posted on her website.

Articles about Barbara Nessim and her work (over 120 of them), have appeared in many of the world's most important publications. She has been interviewed on television and radio.  She teaches.  She lectures.  She writes her own articles about art and illustration and her work has been exhibited in so many galleries that compiling her resume must certainly be a challenge.  In 1992, she was appointed Chair of the Illustration Department at Parsons School of Design. She stepped down as Chair in 2004. Barbara Nessim has been, and continues to be, a mentor to many, who hold her in the highest esteem.

The gentle, whimsical beings which Nessim creates on her computer are often feminine in form. Nessim's studies are edgy but non-threatening. They ring and push familiar bells and buttons, while maintaining an alien or other-worldly quality. They have universal appeal to both genders and, upon viewing them, one is instantly aware of Nessim's ability to convey human nature

A visit to Barbara Nessim's website will be time well spent.

The following are links to Barbara Nessim's recent work:

Barbara Nessim exhibited her work in the  Salute to Broad Street exhibition at the Audart Gallery, in July of 1996. During the fall of 1996, an international press event, organized by Hill & Knowlton in Amsterdam, was held at Audart with the express purpose of viewing digital artworks by New York artists.  Barbara Nessim and her work were an important part of this event.

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