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Katsu Oiwake - New York

Painting by Katsu Oiwake

Katsu Oiwake created one of the first room-size installations at the Audart Gallery, for the "Salute to Broad Street" Exhibition. The work was based on dreams of his childhood in Japan. Digital prints of one of Oiwake's paintings - a portrait of an old woman (possibly representing his grandmother) - were lined up on shelves and illuminated like small lamps--the diffused light bathing the entire room in pink. Other paintings of dolls with robot heads; of Japanese candybars and other items reminiscent of Oiwake's childhood were included in the work. The floor was covered with many layers of styrofoam pebbles into which pathways were carved, allowing viewers to enter and explore Oiwake's dream.

Katsu Oiwake is an intermedia artist. His interest in art and in music have led him to organize unique art events in New York nightclubs, as well as video screening events for expaceprojects. He was one of the organizers for "Heaven or Las Vegas: Deepdish", an art and music event at Limelight in New York.

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