Analyze Andy Warhol's art and legacy

June 24, 2002

Overview: Andy Warhol's art captured American pop culture of the 1950s to the 1980s. Have students examine Warhol's art and analyze his perspective on the life and times of the American people. Challenge students to create pop art that exemplifies their generation's culture.

Curriculum Connections: Fine Art, Media, Sociology

Have students view the CNN Student News video, "Pop artist Warhol's exhibit dazzles Los Angeles," and answer the following:

1. Who was Andy Warhol? What kind of art did he create? Who are some of the celebrities depicted in Warhol's art? What are some of the "treasures" he left behind? According to the video, what roles did Warhol assume throughout his career? How were these roles reflected in his art?

2. What aspects of our lives will the retrospective of Warhol's art invite viewers to reflect upon? How might viewing his art challenge people's perceptions of everyday life? Why does CNN's Anne McDermott say, "We still want to know ... what was he thinking"? After viewing Warhol's art ask: Do you think it's easy to comprehend what he was thinking? Explain.

3. Called the King of Pop Art, Andy Warhol capitalized on popular culture as the primary influence for his art. Refer students working in groups to the Web sites below and other resources to observe samples of Warhol's creations and describe the popular culture of his life and times. Then, challenge each student to invoke the popular culture of his/her generation to create art. Allow students to work in any medium to create pop art. Have each student present his/her creation to the class and explain the inspiration for and the meaning of the piece. Display the art in your classroom. As a class, assist students with generating criteria for assessing the "piece most representative of their generation." Direct students to apply these criteria to select the "best" piece of pop art.

Materials on this site are reproducible for classroom use.

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