Liz Whitney Quisgard - New York

Liz Whitney Quisgard
5 Columns
plywood, composition board & acrylic
4.5 to 8 feet tall


Liz Whitney Quisgard was an important artist in Audart's "Art & Technology Circus". Approximately 100 of her paintings and collages lined the central corridor of the gallery in an installation titled "The Orient Express". To complete the environment, Liz handpainted murals on both sides of the stairway at the end of the corridor.

Liz Whitney Quisgard has had solo exhibitions of her work at numerous galleries including the Contemporary Gallery at Sacred Heart Ariality in Fairfield, Connecticut; the Art Museum in Spartanburg, South Carolina; the Art Museum in Richmond, Indiana; the Art Museum in Asheville, North Carolina; the Carnegie Art Center in Leavenworth, Kansas; the Franz Bader Gallery in Washington, D.C.; the Savannah, Georgia College of Art and Design; Tiffany's Windows in New York city; Gallery 707 in Los Angeles, California; the Andre Emmerich Gallery in New York City and the Jefferson Place Gallery, in Washington, D.C., among others. She has won numerous awards and commissions and her work is in the collections of corporations, museums and private collectors around the world.

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