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Matt Sesow - Washington, DC


Nobody's Pushover
by Matt Sesow

Matt Sesow exhibited his paintings in the "Art In The Raw" show at Audart,  in the Spring of 1997.  The group exhibition was brought to Audart by the Chris Butler Group in Branford, Connecticut and was curated by Chris Butler.  

Matt Sesow is also a film maker and thirteen of his short films are now available on the CD titled, "10 Years of Sesow (1993-2003)".  Six pieces by Sesow were exhibited at NiskArt Gallery in Niskayuna, New York in November 2003 and he won first place as best artist in the 25th Annual Adams Morgan Festival in Washington, D.C. in September of 2003.  

Matt Sesow was born in Omaha, Nebraska.  At 8 years of age, he was struck by a landing airplane near his home and his arm was severed by the propeller.  Though Matt's arm was reattached by surgeons, his dominant hand was amputated.  Six years later, he traveled to Newcastle, England and participated in the Disabled Olympics on the Unites States team.  Matt attended college in Oklahoma and received a scholarship from the Mensa Society.  He achieved a BS degree in computer/software engineering.  He began to make drawings in 1988 and began painting in oils in 1993.  Matt has traveled the world and has painted in most of the countries he has visited, including Mexico, Costa Rica, China, Malaysia and Singapore, even venturing to the Solomon Islands as a Peace Corps volunteer.  

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