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Danielle Sevier - New York, NY

Photograph by Danielle Sevier
All rights reserved @Danielle Sevier, NY

Danielle Sevier's work as a photographer comprises portraiture; recording of milestone events; corporate functions; photojournalism and editorial assignments. As a commercial photographer, her list of clients is impressive: Compaq, Microsoft and the Bank of Nova Scotia, to name a few. Her work has appeared in Elle Magazine; Vogue Magazine and Rolling Stone. It is the capturing of emotion, however, that Sevier considers her most important mission - the expression in a child's eyes; the utter joy taking place at a family celebration - these are the things she works so hard to capture with her camera. When photographing special events, Sevier makes herself a part of the festivities, maintaining a low profile and viewing everything before her with an objective eye.

Danielle Sevier studied fine art photography at The School of Visual Arts in New York City and at The School of Photography Studies in Paris, France. She also teaches photography to both adults and children.

A number of Danielle Sevier's photographs were exhibited at Audart during the "Salute to Broad Street" exhibition.

Danielle Sevier's official website

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