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Anneke Prins Simons

Anneke Prins Simons is an abstract expressionist, creating paintings that reflect her past experiences of death, destruction, injustice and the sense of being an outsider.

Anneke was born in Holland. When she was eight years of age, her parents brought her and her siblings to stay with friends in New York, where they would be safe from the turmoil taking place in Europe. Warned not to return to Holland, they escaped capture by the Nazis and made their permanent home in New York. When Anneke's parents eventually returned to Holland, they found a devastated Europe. They also discovered that numerous family members had perished in the concentration camps.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances of Anneke's early years, she is grateful for the freedom to express her deepest concerns though her art; concerns of injustice, death and displacement, which also relate to the present and to the suffering of so many people throughout the world.

Anneke was a participating artist in "Reflections on The Holocaust: Works by Holocaust Survivors" at New Century Artists Gallery in New York City, in March and April of 2001. Three of Anneke's paintings were on view at Audart's "Shines to Fantasy" exhibition. Anneke has a custodial relationship with her art and requested that the paintings be tagged "not for sale". It is possible, oneday," she said, "That my work might be donated to a museum." Anneke's paintings were extremely well-received during the Audart exhibition.

Anneke Prins Simons is a Professor Emeritus at New Jersey City University.


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