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Jon Singer - New York


Jenin (West Bank), 2002...... by Jon Singer
Acrylic Paint on Plywood
.....3.5 in. x 8.75 in.

Jon Singer's paintings were exhibited in three of Audart's exhibitions: "The Urban Frontier", "TNT" and "re-cognition". The paintings, all selected from his paint roller portrait series, received a great deal of attention from Wall Street art enthusiasts. Singer was one of three artists to have his own atelier within the Audart Gallery--a place where he could work, as well as encourage visitors to the gallery to use his carved paint rollers and create their own paintings.

Jon's recent body of work, "Maps of Approximation" are bird's eye views of current events, the history of human habitation, virology, disaster patterns and the nature of imagination. Several of Singer's maps were shown in the "Ajita" Exhibition at STATION in Houston Texas. Jon Singer is a highly regarded and recognized artist who has been painting since the 1960's in New York city.

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