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Stego - New York

"Chameleon" by Stego

Stego is a New York based painter (his full-time occupation) and a New York City police officer (his part-time occupation).  Several of his fantasy paintings were on view in Audart's "Shrines to Fantasy" exhibition.  Stego's paintings are inspired by New York City; its architecture, its deteriorating buildings and its warehouses.  His recent body of work embodies images from New York's subway system, including tracks, signals, decals, station grime and even water stains.  The hanging red handle which activates the emergency brakes in the subway, is a prominent icon in many of Stego's paintings.

Considered a neo-surrealist, Stego draws upon his daily personal experiences as themes for his paintings.

He studied art at UNAPEC in the Dominican Republic as well as at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

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