work: tank section
by elizabeth pagliacolo

Section 3a

Canadian artists who’ve made it big in New York are few and far between but the number of artists who travel to the mecca of the modern world is astronomical. Chances are that anyone who’s been in the Toronto art scene for a while has made the pilgrimage to New York, even distinctly Canadian artists like Joyce Wieland. And the artists that do make a name for themselves in New York often make huge contributions to the city’s art scene, like Leonard Cohen when he wrote “Chelsea Hotel” and Allan Belcher, who had his “Nature Mort” gallery in the East Village in the eighties.

In 1997, Canadian artist Audrey Regan made it big in the Big Apple with her Art & Technology Circus @Audart. The show featured Toronto artist Barbara McGivern painting over another Toronto artist’s (Alice Burton) figurative works, as well as real dancers performing with virtual dancers.


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