audart:    TNT    April 8, 1996

TNT was Audart's second exhibition and included artists and designers from Toronto, New York and Tokyo. The show opened on April 18, 1996 with thirteen artists and designers participating. During the month of May, the paintings of New York artist, Janet Cristenfeld; the paintings and illustrations of New York artist, Geoffrey Moss and the paintings of Jacqui Taylor Basker were added to the exhibition.

One of Audart's largest rooms was converted to "The Pink Cafe" for the TNT show, and mannequins wearing brightly colored raincoats by New York designer, Maximino, lined the walls. Another New York designer, Tracey Carpino, designed two Spring coats, with matching umbrellas,  including the "corporate" raincoat with pinstripes and button-down collar.   Returning artists, Kenta Furusho and Suzyo Saito joined Taro Ichihashi as the three Tokyo representatives in this exhibition. Artists Alice Burton, Barbara McGivern and Elizabeth Myles Elliott represented Toronto.

Renowned New York "mixologist", Dale DeGroff, designed a special cocktail for the TNT reception, which was served in Audart's salon, throughout the evening.

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