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 John Toth - New York, NY

Digital Word Sculpture by John Toth

John Toth is an intermedia artist and educator who uses his computer as a primary medium to explore the layering of sculpture, painting, music, sound, dance, computer, video, film, slides and written text. John's digital animation and digital prints were on view during Audart's "Shrines to Fantasy" exhibition.

John also became involved in the production of Audart's "Art & Technology Circus" at both the artistic and technical levels. He created "In A Circle", a collaboration that used the internet and technology to link groups of participants in many sites and cities. The physical installation, itself, was comprised of numerous panels of tricot that John installed within the boundaries of two rooms in the gallery. These "tents" became the juncture for many of the performances that took place on the opening night of the Art & Technology Circus. Several of the performance artists in the Circus, were invited, by John, to participate.

John Toth has an impressive, international portfolio which includes exhibitions and commissions.

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