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Bravo Audrey, and everyone who made that happening a happening.

Hello Audrey,
It wouldn't have been Audart without you.  You never let anyone take a breather.  But it paid off when you look back on all that was accomplished.  I was blown away the minute I walked in and despite the obstacles, of which you had many, I continue to enjoy the memories.  I wish you the best.   Gene

Dear Ms. Regan,
I offered to audition for the Art & Tech Circus exhibition but you were afraid my fire-dance might burn down the
building.  If you ever have another circus related exhibition, I would like another chance.   I'm performing in Dallas and again in San Francisco in the fall.  Thank you for being so kind back then.  
Joseph Seesman

Hello Audrey,
I've just visited the site, you did a wonderfull job. BRAVO!


Good documentation Audrey.  

This looks FABULOUS! What a wonderful  tribute to us all ....
Alice Burton

That is a gorgeous and beautifully written page.  I don't know how to thank you for creating it and writing such beautiful things about Fran and I!!!  You are truly a treasure for giving us the space and the credit for so much!  Without your help, Fran and I never would have gone on to work on A Life...A Broad...which came directly out of our work at Audart.    I will be honored to have you in the house whenever you can make it!

Much love, Melanie Rey

I was in the Audart Gallery during the first show you ever did and it was a very interesting experience. There were statues of little babies in one of the rooms along with a very tall statue of a man wearing flags and tattered garments.  I remember thinking I had never seen anything like it before and when I went back to my office, I told people a new museum had opened.  Keep me posted Audrey on anything that you might be doing in the future. Cynthia Boyd


We keep such a wonderful memory of our Audart experience.
Marie-Luce Maupetit and Bernard Épaud

Hello Audart People,
A street rag wrote about your "Ten Years After Warhol" show and called it a "war hole opening", which really meant it was a sick event.  I missed it but I was born to miss the good stuff.  Glad I didn't miss this website.  Not many people get to fix up an old bank and fill it with art.  That exhibition was also shown previously in Delaware so it was a pre-curation that you ended up with at your gallery.  I think a Warhol tribute could have been more interesting if you guys had just used that old bank to recreate Andy's factory and show Warhol's films and maybe just make it a week long event of hanging out and making art with everyone who dropped by.  I mean how many times can you look at Malanga's black and whites or Midgette with powder all over his face?  You all should have just done your own Warhol tribute.  I keep waiting for someone to do this, instead of manufactured recreations of the same shit, you know?  I also think Billy Name is huge on ego but extremely likeable, which is not easy to pull off.   Thanks for airing my views (if you do).  If not, that's okay too.  
Ryan Exist - New York
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