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Dear Audrey
This site reminds me of the actual Audart gallery!  Great pictures - like a trip back. You should put up some more crowd shots - another great way to remember Audart - packed with people!  Tom

Hello Audart,
I am enjoying the site.  Too much to see in one viewing but  I will revisit.  Love Shalom's stuff. Amazing!   Sebastian Russo

Hello Audrey,
Thank you for making my visit to the Audart Gallery an experience I will never forget.  My daughter was only three at the time.  She rode into the gallery on my shoulders and had a great time as I took her from room to room to show her the art.   Later, while she and I were having dinner, she kept asking to go back to see the art.  I wish you all the best.  Great site.  Good work.   Jim G.

Wonderful job you did on the audartgallery site...really impressed. It was a lovely surprise to see how you included me in the different areas of the site.
Jake Stone

Re: - Absolutely stunning website.  I enjoyed going through it.   Anna

AUDART!!  It really was "be there or be square!"    Kim

Oh my God, I remember Audart, you had the huge seashells that I loved.  Hi!!  I just found a picture of the shells!  I always thought the artist should have put the seashells in a bigger room and let people sit among them.  My name's Myra Fuentes.  I guess you didn't move to another gallery.  Too bad.  I would come to see your art if you had another place.  Well, good luck!!!  It was really fun when you were downtown. Nothing interesting down there anymore.  All the best.  Myra

Hello Audart,
Nice reflections.  I made iron crafts and used to sell my stuff at American Craftsman on Broad Street, so I was familiar with your gallery.  It's too bad I didn't spend more time but I always seemed to have my truck double parked outside.  But I remember you Audrey.  You had some really deliberately horrible musicians in the window facing Broad Street one afternoon.  I remember how you got a kick out of all the complaints - like you were waking up Wall Street to something it had never experienced before.  It was quite funny.  All the best.  I always thought you were quite beautiful.   And yes, you can publish this email on your site.  :)
Cameron Wilson

Dear Audrey Regan,
I found through and after going through some of the exhibit pages, I discovered I know Molly Ackerman who was in your Urban Frontier exhibition.  It seems like those were interesting days down in Lower Manhattan.  I don't think there is that kind of energy there anymore and maybe never will be again.  You are lucky to have see the changes take place and been on the scene, so to speak.  All the best.  The Audart archive is really interesting.  If you have a mailing list, could you please add my name?   Thanks.  

Hi Audrey
I saw your website today and I am one of the artists listed as part of the Chris Butler Show. I loved the page you did about me! I added a link to your site on my links page. You can see it at:  Would you be interested in putting a link to my website on yours? Thanks again!
Elisa Vegliante