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Hello Audrey,
It has been a long time since I googled "audart" and I was very happy when came up tonight in my search.  Finally, the audart gallery has been properly documented, with a "complete" list of artists and some very good writing about the various exhibitions and their themes.  My niece exhibited at the Audart Gallery and we can now send people to, with pride.   A great archive.
Steven Baum, Ct.
November 10, 2005
I remember my first walk down the corridor at 60 Broad to see what Audrey and Neil were up to. I'm a visual person; I process what I can see.  I saw a cold, dark, rubbish-ridden place that used to be offices for a bank.  I saw carpet tiles being pulled up and walls being repaired and bathrooms being disinfected. I saw Jake fill numerous dumpsters just to make it possible to move from one room to another.  I saw Audrey with bandages on all her fingers from removing glue from floor tiles in all the rooms. She looked like she had not slept in a long time. Meanwhile, art was being brought in for the first exhibition.  I heard Neil brag about the gallery before it looked like one.  I heard him refer to the huge gaping holes in the floors (a person could have fallen into one never to be seen or heard from again) as "minor floor problems".  It was great while it lasted.  If anyone doesn't think Audart brought art to Wall Street,  just check out the exhibits section of this site.  To think, it was only eight years ago and yet, it preceded the internet rush and nobody had a cellphone. It was the beginning of the end of the dark ages; and it was great fun.

Good documentation of Audart back then.  Don't know how you guys did it all in two years.  All the best in your new art ventures.  Jason

Well well well -- hallelujah!!  Talk about a nostalgia trip!  Some of the pages on this site took me right back to the Audart Gallery.  So much has happened since then - it was only a few years ago!  The world was kinder then.  We were not at war.   9/11 had not happened and if anyone had told us it would, we would have never believed them. So, yes - a great site to explore for old memories.   All the best Audrey.  I look forward to seeing you in New York soon.   Carol

I am a friend of Allen Midgette.  We saw Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory -- went to the opening.   I will email three pictures that I took of Billy Name. and you can use them here if you like.   Good luck.  Sorry your gallery closed.  It was a very cool place.   Daniel

Hey!  I remember that place.  Audrey for Art and Neil for Com.  It was cool.  Never thought I'd like an interior space that didn't have a window but Audart changed my mind.  I know Alex Arcadia and I certainly enjoyed your engineer Eugene.  All the best.    Dave

Dear Audart,
Thanks for keeping it alive.  It's nice to see a complete archive, with other interesting things added to the mix. Alexander

We brought our two boys, aged 5 and 7 to the Audart Gallery right after you opened. The Urban Frontier exhibition was up and we had a lot of fun showing all that amazing art to our sons.  We thought they might be afraid of the huge metal sculpture by Mr. Hatchett but, as it turned out, we couldn't drag them out of his room, and it was all we could do to keep them from climbing up onto the large piece in the center.  It was really fantastic, and they still talk about "the big metal creatures".   Alice Dawson, New York
The Directory of Audart Artists is wonderful and I know a number of the artists you have listed, at least in terms of the work they do.  I also know Deb Miller, the curator of your Warhol Show.  She's the most Warhol-dedicated person I know.   I was living in Chicago when you had the Audart Gallery but many people have told me about it.  When I read the press articles and interviews I get the feeling that you really pulled something off.   Anyway, just  saying hello.  
Mike C.

I just want to thank you for the feeling i got when i went through the site just now. it’s hard to talk about audart let alone convey what it was on webpages but i got familiar feelings going through the different sections of the site. I think you should put your email address on all the pages Audrey – it’s only on one page, the contact page.  That’s just my advice.   Do you remember me?  I’m a Canadian artist who was living in Brooklyn when you and Neil ran Audart Gallery.  I brought my portfolio for you to see.  Since then I have had a stroke and had to stop making art for five years.  I have recovered almost 100% and have begun painting again.  I will send you my web address when my site is launched. I wish you the very best.    Diane Curtin