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Touring this site was a trip back in time.  Much appreciated.  Best art parties in town back then.  

Quite incredible.  Thank you.   Susan Oliver, NYC

Dear Ms. Regan,
A friend sent me the url to this website.  Wow!  I didn't even know you were down there on Broad Street in the 90's.  I think I missed something great, but thanks for making such an interesting website about it.  Carol Esparza

Mel and I were on the internet last night and perused and want to say it's quite a stunning record of the Audart Gallery years and it's many exhibitions and events.  Well done.  And kudos for all the hard work that went into this website.  I have bookmarked it and will send it to others in my various mailings.  This is my tribute and you may certainly publish it on your tributes page.  I know the amount of work that you and Neil and that wonderful Irish fellow, Jake, put into the Audart project and I wish there were more people just rolling up their sleeves and diving in and doing that sort of thing today.  It was a rare moment in time but it was not awarded to you.  You took it.  God bless you.  Happy New Year.  I hope 2005 will make all of us less oblivious to what really matters in the world.  We are only here for a short time.  And, if I may share what my late-mother who just passed away this past September, always said, "Don't sleep with your back to the one you love."  
Lisa Catrone
Mel Catrone
Shannon Catrone

Audart - always loved the name.  It even looks pretty.  Gil

Audart was a great experience.  You can't keep up that pace forever though and was kind of glad when it came to an end and you all could rest and have normal lives.  Still, I bet you missed it.  I know I did.   Audrey, I was the guy who held up your printer when you spilled water - I think a vase broke on your desk and we were scrambling to save the slides!  The Warhol Show was a good one.   Your gallery was the perfect venue.  Hi to Neil and all the Warhol artists, from Sacha.

Bravo Audrey.  I always wondered how you stayed awake!  Oh, I forget!  You do not need to sleep.  :) Ilya  xxx

Audart came along at just the right time to become the great Wall Street ephemeral adventure.  Funny thing is, everything being developed at that time in the money district had the promise of permanence, before it even hit the ground.  And most of it didn't last at all, except those grand old buildings that will outlive all of us. I loved your gallery.  And this is a great site.  
Howard McKeith


To Audart,
I managed Timothy's Coffee on Broad Street, right next door to your gallery.  I didn't have much time to visit but I always enjoyed the windows you filled with art, especially when Angela the poet would do her readings in the window in a seriously sexy green gown.  It was a nice creative jolt to my otherwise tedious day!  This is a fabulous website.  Keep up the good work.  Sam Livingston


Dear Audart,
Lovely.  Your site is a trip back in time.  I miss Audart when it was a gallery on Broad Street. I dropped by whenever I could.  All the best to you Audrey and to Neil and to Stephanie.   Lauren


To Everyone at Audart - I signed the guest list at the back of your gallery every time I visited and sometimes I signed it twice on two different pages, which pretty well sums up how I felt about Audart and its gorgeous opening receptions. Pauline