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Hey Audrey!  I will be your cheerleader if you like.  I don't think New York city has ever had another art entity like Audart.  Those were the hottest, most pulsating, energy-filled, demented evenings I can ever remember.  The Warhol Show opening blew my mind. Like a trip to a faraway planet.  Billy Name walking around in his totally wierd duds and this bartender dressed from head to toe in black vinyl S&M. Listening to the Blondie songs pumping though the space and then literally bumping right into her!  Crazy times.  (Audrey you gave me a stack of used Warhol invites.  I still have them!)  I thank you for them.  Robin Sciorria

The art I remember best during the Audart Gallery days were the Kenta Furusho sculptures, all set up in a circle in a large room.  That was Audart's first exhibition ever.  I visited the gallery often just to stand amid Kenta's sculptures of children - they were magical.  I regret never attending an actual opening night but one thing was evident from the visits I made during the day just to view the art on exhibit and that was Audrey Regan's creative karma.  One show would be up, the next show would be underway and Audrey would already be throwing out ideas for the exhibition beyond that.  She told me that once the press releases were issued, there was no backing down and that there was no greater high than looking at new art works.  The space was very huge with many rooms, each of them different so it was an amazing feat to keep them filled with art at all times and to do it with such imagination and non-stop energy.  It was good for my soul to spend time at  Audart. I miss the place.
Carole Newbigging  

I I worked on Rector Street from 1996 through 1999.   I often shopped in the store in front of your gallery and I would see the most alluring signs, inviting people to walk through the doorway into your gallery.  I kept  putting it off. I don't know why.  Oneday, my husband came downtown to take me to lunch and we decided to visit  the Audart Gallery together.  And that was it for us. We were hooked.  We attended the "Salute to Broad Street" opening and every opening thereafter.   It must have been a hundred degrees in the gallery on the night of Salute to  Broad Street.  And all the corks on the wine bottles were breaking!  But what a great evening just the same.  I brought all my co-workers with me to those openings and they, in turn, invited their friends and family.   We would  arrive early and get seated in one of the rooms at the back of the gallery and just watch those hundreds and  hundreds of people come in all through the night.  The art was always provocative and interesting.  The music was the best.  By ten o'clock or so, what had started as an art opening became the hottest most amazing party.  I miss Audart.  I miss the energy of the place.  All those amazing rooms of art.   I won't forget it.  You can use this email if you like. I know a lot of other people who work downtown who share my feelings about the incredible Audart Gallery.  60 Broad Street has never been the same since you all left.  Take care,  Jill Goss 

I am so glad you are continuing the gallery in cyberspace, and perhaps someday in real space.  I miss Audart so much, because it was  so much like a family - it was an ongoing "happening" .  It was someplace that did what most galleries would feel to be impossible.  Todays world is so  apocalyptic, that one wonders what will happen to New York, the US, and consequently the arts if this war happens.  It is good to see  good  things developing  in this very depressing scene.  My visit to Senegal was wonderful  because I found a spot on the earth where people get along:  Muslims, Christians, Jews;  black & white; Africans with  each other, with Europeans, with Americans. I was astonished!  I can't wait to return.  Best wishes for a successful New Year. Jacqueline Taylor Basker
New York city

I was the woman who lost her glasses at the opening night for the Andy Warhol Show.  At the time, I was working
for Goldman Sachs.  There must have been ten thousand people packed into the gallery that night and I never thought I'd see those glasses again.   The following week when I went in on my lunch hour to look at the Warhol art, there were my glasses on Audrey's desk.  I thought, this has to be a miracle!   Anyway, we loved you guys.  You really knew  how to put a great art exhibit together and you did it so many times and each time  was like a trip to another world. All the best.  
Claire Simpson, Brooklyn, NY  

Well, what a shock to get a phone call from Audrey Regan!   A delightful surprise reallly.  The only negative thing is that Audart isn't coming back downtown to open another gallery.  That would be nice!   I had a lot of fun there.  I only went to one big opening night but I was there a lot on my lunch times and saw the beautiful Melanie Rey's theater piece three times. God bless you Audart.
Faye Havadim