email Audrey Regan



Hello Audrey,
I've just visited the site - you did a wonderful job. BRAVO!


It was an audventure; an audity and an audyssey and, audly enough, I miss it.  

I enjoyed the newsletter regarding your 'zine as well as the Audart archive.  I think the internet has seriously cut into real-life motivation with all the artists exhibiting online and the growing number of online galleries.  We need something on the street corner that we can wander in and out of, and art with which we can spent time, using all of our senses. The pristine art galleries of New York just don't do it for me as most are as sterile as hospitals. Somewhere between the stodgy retail gallery and the online clicking must be another Audart in the making.  I hope.
Joseph Desjardins
New York

I worked for Goldman Sachs during the Audart days.  Audart was a "hotspot hideaway" on a stuffy street block of corporate finance.  I don't know anyone who could have pulled it off, at such a time, in that environment, while facing such difficulties - most of which were not even recognized by those whose art was exhibited there.  It was not an art gallery.  It was as close to a 20th century salon as New York city had ever experienced.  It was far more about people and ideas than individual works of art or exhibition themes.  Anyone who expected conventional art gallery protocol just didn't belong on the premises - I knew that the instant I walked through the door.  Unfortunately, my schedule kept me from the creative side of it, when everyone left Wall Street but the lights stayed on in just one location.  I knew the Audart doors were always open; but for any who didn't know, trying to find the doors was another whole issue.  
Peter Glassman (now in Los Angeles)

Dear Ms. Regan,
I brought my slides into the Audart Gallery just before the fantasy exhibition as I hoped to be included in that show. Unfortunately, you had already closed submissions but you kept my slides for a couple of weeks and then returned them to me with a very nice letter that was obviously not boiler-plate; and you made very nice comments about two of my mixed media pieces (Utopia and The Commander's Wine).  I have exhibited in many places since then.  This is my chance, finally, to thank you for being so nice.  I didn't make it to the opening event of the fantasy exhibition but I was in your gallery when you were setting up the room with Sol Rothman's sculptures and I was so impressed with his work.
C. Castellano


Dear Audart,
I would love to have you add some of my images from the Warhol era to this site.  I attended the opening for Ten Years After and then visited the gallery a few times afterwards and I spoke with you Audrey and left you a disk with many of my photos.  I just sent you a CD in the mail so hope you like what you see.  The images are much improved now!  I knew Brigid and a number of the Max's Kansas City crowd.  If you ever open another art space in New York, I will be there!  Audart was really something, especially considering the stark reality of the world just outside its doors. Bravo to Audrey, Neil and everyone who made it happen.   Ann R.  


Glad I checked out the site Audrey.  Those were fun times.  I like the page you made for Graham Scarborough. She was a great artist and wonderful human being and there isn't enough about her on the internet.  Be healthy and happy.   A friend of Ginger's and Graham's

You did good with cyber Audart.   Much luck and good times in Paris.  Au revoir!

Hi Audrey,
I remember cascades of red silk and strains of Pavarotti and the two artists putting varnish on all those fishes and snails and things.  God, what a wild place. I hope you do it again someday.   John Winter, Bayonne, NJ

It was more like a club than an art gallery.  I truly wish Audart could have endured for at least a few more years.  A very special place.   Sandy