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Dear Audrey,
I think about Audart when I am down on Broad Street.  My wife and I attended the opening for Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory and it was the first time we had seen Christopher Makos' work.  We were so impressed.  Billy Name's photographs also showed extremely well in the smaller black gallery, which surely reminded many of an actual "dark room".  We thought it was brilliant.  We've enjoyed the website as well.  All the best.  
Dennis Cole


Re: The opening of "Art in the Raw", curated by Chris Butler at the Audart Gallery
Hello Audrey,
I still have fond memories of that great art reception on May 29, 1997, and the bus trip that Chris Butler organized to get all of us there -- In fact, everyone on that bus full of artists & friends from CT still talks about that fabulous & fun night (even the great Maurice Hansen [1941-2000] was with us!)  and it's really considered one of the great historic art nights of the '90s!

Johnes Ruta
Curator: The York Square Gallery

Located in the York Square Cinema,
61 Broadway, New Haven, Connecticut, USA,


Hello Audrey and Neil,
For me, Audart was like a Broadway show.  It had so many scenes and acts and sub-plots taking place here and there, which was inevitable, considering it was such an early attempt at merging art and technology.  No matter how successful you really were or how you were perceived by others, you were the forerunners in that area.  We didn't take technology for granted back then as we do today!  And the cast of characters was interesting, to say the least. Seriously though, it was quite the adventure.  I didn't know any artist at that time who didn't want a show at Audart, including myself, but you did as much as was humanly possible in the little time you had and it was absolutely great.  All the best.  
Patrick Lazure - East Village, New York

Hello Audrey,

It's been a treat going through the archive site for Audart.  I wish you all the best for the future and hope to see you again in NY very soon.  The Audart Story was very interesting to read.  I didn't realize exactly how Audart really began or the downright physical labor involved in bringing it all together.  Laurie Chu

Keep the site going forever Audrey.  I think it will gain continued importance as the years go by.  There is a new solemnity to Broad Street now.   I emailed you about the documentary, which interests me very much.  Good health!  John

My favorite exhibition took place in the Spring of 1997. The artist known as Shalom filled three of your largest gallery rooms with his brilliant sculptures - each of them a world unto itself with lights and sound and profound political messages. It blew my mind. He is an incredible artist, like Barnum and Bailey with a brilliant soul. Good luck and God bless. Sharon Mills (nee Atwood)

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