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Dear Madam,
Your art gallery was quite unlike any other. 


Hello Audrey,
You may not remember me but I'll bet Neil would.  My wife and I spent some time with him early one evening in your gallery looking at the Singer paintings and Neil gave us the grand tour.  You were there and we met you but you were working on your computer.   I just went through and it's pretty amazing that so much took place in such a short period of time.  From Urban Frontier to the Technology Circus with Warhol in between, it's pretty amazing.  I have to admit I'm not a person who likes art galleries that much but Audart was really unusual and my wife and I enjoyed the vibe.   She kept saying "Where on earth are we?"   Best wishes.


Hi Audrey,

One of the artists you represented sent me down to your gallery one afternoon so I could have a sneak preview of her paintings.  I walked in expecting a typical art gallery and was in for quite a surprise.  I entered from the front and my path into Audart led me right to THE FUSION CASKETS by Shalom.  At least I think that is what they were called.  All of my senses were on full alert from that point forward.   I spent maybe half an hour wandering around Audart's incredible maze of rooms and when I finally got back out onto the street and the full daylight, I felt I had just experienced an alternate universe - it was strange and appealing at the same time.   Many months later, I attended an art opening in the East Village and met the Cultural Attache for the Canadian Consulate in New York city.  She was standing with a few other people and she was talking about Audrey Regan, the Canadian - and her wonderful art gallery near the NY Stock Exchange.  That was my first indication that you were a Canadian.  Now, just today, I bought a copy of Jeffrey Simpson's "Star Spangled Canadians" and there you are featured in his book.  I spend a couple of weeks every summer in Toronto.  I just wish I had known you were a Canadian on the day I was in your gallery.  I have a special place in my heart for Canadians. 

Congratulations to you and your partner for doing something very unique down on Wall Street.  I appreciate that it must have been a tremendous amount of work.  The entire place just blew my mind. 

Sharon (not a Canadian but kind of wish I were)


Dear Audrey,

I've had fun going through website.  I came into Audart one rainy afternoon and met you and Neil.  Your fantasy show was up and I loved so much of the art and wished I'd had the money then to buy a painting or maybe one of Alexander Gofayzen's photographs but I was moving and quite broke.  Today, I could easily afford it and YOU ARE NO LONGER THERE.   I have not been back down to 60 Broad Street for years but if I am ever down there again I will remember the wonderful place known as Audart and what a great escape it was for me on that rainy day.    All the best Audrey.

Lynda Bell


Audart was a wonderful surprise in an otherwise corporate neighborhood.   It was an art intrusion!  

Sarah and Leo

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