audart - new york city

The Urban Frontier         February 29, 1996

"The Urban Frontier" exhibition included painters, sculptors and mixed media artists. Their works dealt with connections between people and cities; with ironies and paradoxes of urban life; and with positive and  negative effects of city living on mind and body. Recurring themes included isolation and loneliness; the conflict and the symphony between nature and urban development; and the perception of city as both sanctuary and place of turmoil.

Audart presented this exhibition in the urban frontier that was Wall Street in the mid-1990's - when millions of square feet of office space sat in darkness; just before the internet boom transformed Broad Street into "Silicon Alley". Audart's location, in a deserted bank near the New York Stock Exchange, contributed to the urban frontier theme.  The space had been unoccupied for years; the most obvious reminder of its previous tenant being a floor to ceiling steel vault.    "The Urban Frontier" opened on the evening of February 29, 1996, one of the coldest nights in New York history. Approximately one thousand people made their way downtown, to Broad Street, to attend the reception.

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