Elisa Vegliante - Connecticut

Caped Man And Dog by Elisa Vegliante

Elisa Vegliante's paintings were exhibited in the "Art In The Raw" group exhibition at Audart, in the Spring of 1997.  The show was organized and curated by Chris Butler, of the Chris Butler Group in Branford, Connecticut.

Elisa has a BFA in printmaking and Art History and an MsEd in Art Education. She is a self-taught painter.  It is the art of children which influences Vegliante's work and, interestingly, she teaches art to children in the public school system. Her  work has been exhibited in galleries in Connecticut, New York City and Massachusetts.
View Elisa Vegliante's Current Paintings and Trading Cards at her Excellent Website:
"Ms. Vegliante's work is an ongoing cultural diary of
Western Civilization's mass hysteria at the breaking point."

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