View of the Audart Gallery Salon...View of the Audart Gallery Corridor with Billy Name and Laura Rubin Photographs...View of the Audart Gallery Silver Salon...View of the Audart Gallery Salon With Billy Name Photographs
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The 12 room Audart Gallery was transformed, in preparation for "Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory", for curation of the exhibition by Dr. Debra Miller, and to provide a salon atmosphere for the crowds that were expected on Opening Night.  Seven gallery rooms were repainted, one for each of the "Artists of the Warhol Circle" and their work. The central corridor was painted and installed with overhead fabric panels by artist, John Toth, to exhibit drag queen photographs by Billy Name and Laura Rubin. The largest room in the gallery was painted pink, at the curator's request, to be filled with artworks by Ultra Violet. Three of the main galleries were installed with new lighting. Two of the salon rooms, in addition to the central corridor, were canopied with white tricot panels. The walls in the largest salon room were covered with silver foil. The bar was moved and redesigned. The preparation time was four months.

During this period, Audart also began publishing, on the internet, images of the art that would be on view in the exhibition. Though most of the "Artists of the Warhol Circle" have their own websites today, it was Audart, in collaboration with the creative team at Surge Graphics in New York, who first introduced their work on the worldwide web, in the Winter of 1997.

Ten thousand invitations were mailed using Audart's mailing list, as well as the mailing lists from each of the participating artists. The Directors of Audart closed the gallery for five days, following the opening, to restore the space to its original condition, before opening the exhibition to the public.