Warhol Factory Women and Other 1960's Divas and Their Unforgettable Style

Edie Sedgwick, the princess of Andy Warhol's Factory, lived only 28 years.  When it came to fashion, she had a style of her own.  Black tights,

high heels, skimpy tops and the longest earrings she could find.  The 1960's gave birth to the most outrageous fashion trends; moving permanently
away from the conservative styles of the fifties.  The women of the Warhol Factory era, including those who worked and played with
Warhol and those who were immortalized in his art, are included in the pages that follow.

.Audart, Edie Sedgwick in Vogue  
edie sedgwick

An Edie Sedgwick Story
"I was invited to a party in the Hamptons and I had spent all my money on a new dress with nothing left over for shoes. Edie walked me into her closet and said Help yourself.  When I dropped by to return the shoes, she said, Keep them. They're yours. That was almost forty years ago. I still wear those beautiful satin pumps, and my daughter is NOT allowed to borrow them".  Samantha Adler (nee Kirkin)...............................



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