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James Warhola - New York


Painting by James Warhola

James (Jamie) Warhola is the nephew of the late Andy Warhol. He participated in "Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory" at Audart in February of 1997, which marked the tenth anniversary of Andy Warhol's death.

James Warhola, more than anyone, can create the most frightening creatures and have them appear completely non-threatening and ultimately cool. The aliens he includes in his numerous paintings of bars are larger than life (or smaller than life) and they are portrayed by Warhola as fun seekers. James is also an illustrator and author of children's books. His most recent offering is "Uncle Andy's" which draws on James' childhood memories of visiting Andy Warhol at his home in New York city. The book is published by Putnam and is available in bookstores everywhere.

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