Colin Webster-Watson   (1926-2007)
 Palm Springs, California / New Zealand

La Familia
by Colin Webster-Watson

copyright Colin Webster-Watson

Bronze sculptures of performing trapeze artists, by the acclaimed sculptor, Colin Webster-Watson, were exhibited in "The Art & Technology Circus" at Audart in the fall of 1997. The pieces, suspended over John Toth's "In a Circle" installation, were an elegant and dramatic statement within the most active and important "tent" in the exhibition.

Colin Webster-Watson, whose bronze sculptures are coveted by private and corporate collectors, was born in New Zealand, though he has traveled and lived all over the world. Sensuous and bold, yet elegant and touching, Colin's creations exemplify his reverence for nature; for animals, for birds and for land/seascapes.

In November of 2003, Colin's bronze sculpture and line drawings were exhibited at the Robert Roman Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the "Color, Form and Line" exhibition. During the opening reception, Colin recited poems based on his life and works.

Colin also created the sculpture, "Pasquino (the talking bighorn), an important contribution to the public art project, "Path of the Bighorn", under the auspices of The Bighorn Institute in Riverside County, California. The Bighorn Institute is dedicated to the conservation of the world's wild sheep, through research and education and "Path of the Bighorn", in particular, focuses on the endangered Peninsular bighorn sheep. Colin Webster-Watson's "Pasquino" is on display in the Pollack Building at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, California.

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