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 Arnold Wechsler - New York


Arnold Wechsler has been a prominent figure in New York's art scene for over three decades.  His work was on view during Audart's "Salute To Broad Street" exhibition.  

Wechsler is a world traveler whose work is influenced by the cultures he experiences.  He is also extremely interested in, and knowledgeble about, technology and the digital medium.  His recent work deals with the intersection between the outside world and the visual world of the computer. He takes Polaroids of the view from his windows and manipulates them digitally. He then paints the view of the Polaroid as a scanned image in the photo-software program. While the original image is manipulated on the computer; the machine itself becomes a prop in a still life.

Wechsler has shown his work extensively throughtout the world including New York, Washington D.C., Denver, Mexico City, Madrid, Paris, Bologna, Moscow and St. Petersburg. His work was recently reviewed in the February 2000 issue of Art in America.

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