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This website,, is hosted by Art-is-Life, in New York and Toronto, and is solely owned and maintained by Audrey Regan.   Audrey Regan is neither affiliated with, nor responsible for the content of, any other Audart website.  

To All Artists Who Exhibited at the Audart Gallery

A page has been created for you in the Audart Artist's Directory, which is the only complete, online listing of the artists and performers who took part in Audart exhibitions.  The url to your page will look like this:

If there is anything you wish to change, add or delete on your page, please send us an email and include the changes and additions.  Our site is maintained regularly and any changes will be made within 72 hours of receiving your email.  You may add up to three images of your recent work, or use the page to announce your upcoming exhibitions (online or off); or add your own statement or bio.  You will never be charged for your page in our directory.  If you have your own website, you will see that we have placed a link to your website on your page. A reciprocal link would be appreciated but is not required.  If you have your own website, but don't see a link on the page we created for you, please let us know immediately so we can include it.  

The website, in conjunction with, receives several hundred thousand visitors a month.  For this reason, if any Audart artist does a google search on his or her name, the page we created will, more than likely, come up near, or at the very top, of the first page of search results.  It is therefore very important that you are pleased with the content and appearance of the page we have created for you.

Thank you very much.  

Audrey Regan
Creative Director: Audart