Art-is-Life.com and audartgallery.com are owned and managed by Audrey Regan.  All content and imagery on the aforementioned websites are provided by Audrey Regan or by others, at her request.  Audrey Regan and the abovementioned websites are in no way affiliated with, or, in any way, connected to Neil London or to any of his ventures or websites, including those which publish, what might be viewed as, lascivious imagery or content; or those which link to sites that may be categorized as "adult".

From December 1995 to March 1998, Neil London and Audrey Regan were partners in the Audart Gallery, which was founded, developed and managed by both of them. They have not worked together since that time, in any capacity. Audartgallery.com is the only audart website with which Audrey Regan is associated. The websites, art-is-Life.com and audartgallery.com are hosted on different servers than any of the servers or server hosting companies used by Neil London.

Audrey Regan does not support, provide content or, necessarily, approve of content appearing on Neil London's websites or on videos being offered for sale by Neil London from any of his websites, including videos of recognizable individuals in any situation or venue.

*Audrey Regan does not support the publishing or selling of photographs and videos of individuals whose images were captured, in an artistic context, for use in an Audart Gallery exhibition, other than on the original venues for which such images were intended, ie: Audart Gallery premises and websites. 

Audrey Regan does not offer for sale any items, including clothing, on cafepress.com or any other venue, that bear images of artworks by artists who exhibited at the Audart Gallery.

Audrey Regan does not sell subscriptions to websites, including those related to sports betting, gambling, or those which publish lascivious content or imagery or content or imagery that may be categorized as "adult". 

*Audrey Regan does not sell art courses.

All of the above statements are made, in good faith, to correct any misunderstandings and to protect Audart, Audrey Regan, and her continuing endeavors in the art world, both on and off the internet.

Audrey Regan
New York City, New York / Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Published August 10, 2002